Room prices

The price of a room depends on the length of your stay:

minimum 1 week: € 49 per night
minimum 1 month: € 43 per night

Shorter stays are possible at our b&b rate.

The accommodation includes use of a kitchenette with a fridge, water cooker and washing sink, and a microwave, not a full equipped kitchen.

These prices are based on single use and include heating, water, electricity, wifi, general cleaning, use of the (shared) kitchenette, bathroom, washing machine and (depending on availability and the length of your stay) a bicycle arrangement. Food is not included, but guests can self-cater or we can provide meals: breakfast is € 9, dinner € 12.

Price guarantee – For shortstay in Ede and Veenendaal we offer the best price-quality. If you find a lower priced accommodation with similar facilities, we match the difference and give you an extra on top of that.

Another benefit is that we don’t require guarantees beyond 1 month of rent. You are completely free to move on if you find a property that suits you better, provided you keep the 1 month notice. Many guests use our short stay housing as a basis to start their study or work here, while looking for something more permanent.

Our terms and conditions will be provided when you make a reservation inquiry.

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